Patient positioning

Our patient-first positioning and immobilisation products prioritise comfort and control while improving workflow efficiencies.
Patient positioning

Remaining immobile can be a challenge for patients but it’s vital for ultra-precise and effective radiotherapy treatments. We prioritise comfort, accuracy and reproducibility with patient-first positioning and immobilisation solutions that support all treatment techniques, improve workflows and enhance the patient experience.

Take aim with accuracy

Precision is your ally. Our suppliers are constantly researching and innovating to anticipate and incorporate new positioning and immobilisation trends that combine treatment accuracy, with patient comfort, such as our double shell positioning systems.

Enhance workflow efficiency

Improved efficiencies should never compromise patient outcomes nor safety. Our positioning workflow solutions, such as the OmniBoard, streamline the operation of what can be multiple immobilisation devices, relieving unnecessary manual handling.

Prioritise patient comfort
Our modular positioning solutions offer multiple adjustable choices for maximum patient comfort and control. Ergonomically shaped and sized for both adults and children, they can include rigid, soft or individually moulded options in a range of materials.

What’s new

A lightweight baseplate with a locking system specially designed to host multiple types of breast treatment modules.

The single/double shell positioning system (SSPS®) increases stability for head, neck and shoulder positioning. Based on precise mechanical principles, the SSPS® distinguishes itself from other such systems and presents a completely new approach to help set up and maintain stability in the head and neck region.

The lower extremity positioning system (LEPS™) is a modular solution that offers various adjustment possibilities to adjust the product to the patient (not the other way around) and support comfortable positioning for the pelvic region and the lower extremities.

A modular system offering full flexibility for all your set-ups. The MacroMedics OmniBoard™ positioning system is the only all-in-one solution designed specifically with therapists in mind to optimize the things they care about most in patient set-up: efficiency, versatility, reproducibility and safety.

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