Radiotherapy equipment

Our comprehensive range of radiotherapy equipment gives your patients the best chance of a future with options.

Advances in radiotherapy treatment options today are making it possible for patients to live longer, better lives. That’s why as a leading independent supplier of radiation oncology equipment we proudly bring you worldwide innovation along with tried and tested solutions. Each is carefully chosen by our clinically experienced team to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

What we offer

Advocate for your patients with next-level accuracy and efficiency. Our treatment delivery solutions treat everything, from simple to complex cases, with a wide range of techniques that offer proven results and a better patient experience.

Our first-class software saves time and reduces error with tools that standardise and automate tasks. Explore multiple treatment options for complex scenarios in real time using multi-criteria optimisation and compensate for anatomical changes during treatment with adaptive planning.

Independent QA is essential in identifying and removing systematic errors. Our quality management tools and accessories provide solutions for all QA needs with integration that delivers new levels of standardisation and workflow efficiency.
Radiation therapy can be daunting but continual innovation provides increasing comfort for patients during treatment. Our exceptional patient positioning products prioritise the patient as well as optimise precision, reproducibility and workflow efficiency.

Access the best the world has to offer

Australia and New Zealand’s leading independent supplier of cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment, software and accessories.

Benefit from our clinical experience

Our real-world experience, industry expertise and thorough understanding of your challenges help us help you to provide unparalleled patient care.

Support when you need it

We offer continued training, service and support to educate your team, better utilise your technology and enhance patient outcomes and quality of life.

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Our experienced team are ready to help you find the radiation oncology solutions you need.