Medical physics and QA

Our independent medical physics and QA solutions are proven to detect errors allowing you to treat your patients with confidence.
A rigorous and independent approach to QA is essential, and open data access drives continuous improvements in patient safety, treatment outcomes and workflow efficiency. Our medical physics and QA portfolio offers multiple product solutions so you can be confident that radiation is delivered as prescribed.
Improve data insights

Radiotherapy is innately complex and our integrated solutions aim to simplify it. Retire the numerous spreadsheets and consolidate your patient and machine data: a centralised independent overview of your quality assurance program will give your team the tools and access they need, no matter where they’re working from.

Unrivalled tissue equivalence

Our wide range of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy phantoms are designed to ensure dosimetric and anatomical accuracy. From solid water substitutes, that mimic true water to within 0.5%, through to complex anthropomorphic whole-body phantoms, we can supply the right solution for all your dosimetry and imaging needs.

Streamline workflows

To ensure workflow efficiency, platform integration is essential. Automatically capture, process and analyse imaging and delivery data, store results and send notifications. These tools run continuously in the background, acting as a safety net, removing repetitive tasks and allowing you more time to focus on your patients.

What’s new

Commissioning and beam scanning are fundamental to building a strong radiation therapy program. That’s why we significantly enhanced our pioneering cylindrical tank design for greater clinical confidence and workflow efficiency

SunCHECK is an integrated, independent patient and machine QA platform giving you tools for standardisation and workflow efficiency.
Offering MR compatible daily, monthly and patient QA devices, we have your MR-guided RT QA needs covered.
The Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Phantom (STEEV) provides a means to check all necessary steps of a treatment planning system: from diagnostic imaging with CT, MR and PET, to treatment plan verification.

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