Radiotherapy training and education tools​

Virtual teaching that provides radiotherapy training and education in a safe environment that accurately reflects the real world.
Like most things in life, radiotherapy is best learned by doing. Wanting to avoid the time pressure of a clinical environment but knowing that radiotherapy training and education needs to reflect real-world situations, we offer virtual treatment rooms to teach radiotherapy techniques and principles. This has proved an excellent platform for educating students and clinical staff and even patients and their families.
Knowledge building

Our radiotherapy training solution allows you to explain complex theoretical concepts and principles and provide ongoing education to refresh your team’s knowledge and develop new skills.

Improved decision-making
Use real-world scenarios to help students and staff hone their decision-making skills. Our virtual treatment bunker is a safe space for practising a wide range of radiotherapy setups and techniques.
Interactive training

Our range of innovative, interactive and virtual training solutions are custom designed to simulate real-world equipment, reflecting real processes and clinical scenarios.

What’s new

Compact VERT
A mobile solution that can be used anywhere with a blank wall and a power supply, an alternative to an installed system when space is limited.

The flight simulator for linacs—with captivating 3D views and life-size visualisations, an excellent platform for teaching radiotherapy right up to the multidisciplinary team.

Help staff transition from photons to protons with this safe and effective platform using cutting-edge technology.
A virtual reality tool to teach complex QA processes with real-world equipment without the time pressures of a clinical environment.

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