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The ever-changing world of medicine poses new and exciting challenges to the teams of solvers at Ashland. Advances in diagnostics and treatment yield better outcomes for patients, physicians, surgeons and specialists alike. Medical radiation has made significant progress in the treatment of tumors – both cancerous and benign. At Ashland, we seek solutions that provide benefits along the entire value chain.

A sophisticated, quantitative analysis tool for Gafchromic™ Film

FilmQA Pro™ software is designed to simplify and streamline intensity-modulated radiation therapy quality assurance (IMRT QA). Our software is also effective for QA of SRS, SBRT and VMAT procedures. It allows you to scan or open images of exposed film and calculate the optimized dose maps.

Dose Range: 0.1 GY – 10 GY

EBT3 films are designed for patient and machine quality assurance including, but not limited to, IMRT, VMAT, brachytherapy, Star Shot test, Picket Fence test, and Flatness and Symmetry test.

Dose Range: 0.4 GY – 40 GY

EBT-XD films are an extended dose film designed for patient quality assurance including, but not limited to, SRS, SRBT, small-field dosimetry, and hypo-fractionated treatments.

Radiotherapy machine quality assurance

RTQA2 films are designed for radiotherapy machine quality assurance including, but not limited to, light field alignment tests, radiation field alignment tests, Star Shot test, Picket Fence test, Flatness and Symmetry test, and position verification for high dose rate brachytherapy.

Dose Range: 0.2 GY – 10 GY

XR-RV3 films are designed for surface-peak skin dose measurement in interventional procedures guided by fluoroscopy. A comparison strip can be purchased with the XR-RV3 to show the estimated Rads absorbed by the film.

Radiology machine quality assurance

The next generation successor to Gafchromic XR-QA2 – coming soon.

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