About Metrolab

Established in 1985 and relying on 35 years of expertise, Metrolab is the global market leader for precision magnetometers. Their focus on applied R&D keeps them providing solutions to all leading players in Magnetic Resonance Imaging across the world. 

The only handheld 3-axis Hall magnetometer family

An instrument to measure magnetic flux density (B) or magnetic field intensity (H). The THM1176 family combines the performance of a professional Hall instrument with the usability of a consumer USB device. Its range goes from the µT to 14 T, DC to 1 kHz, with ±1% accuracy.

The world’s most precise magnetometer

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is the most precise technology to measure magnetic fields, and the PT2026 is the most precise NMR magnetometer on the market. In optimal conditions, it achieves a precision of under ten parts per billion!

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