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About Vertual

Vertual Ltd is the leading provider of virtual reality training systems in Radiation Therapy. The state of the art training system, VERT, is used to train Radiation Therapists and Physicists in more than 30 countries across the world.
But we’re not stopping there, our aim is to create a range of virtual reality training solutions for both the healthcare sector and other sectors that require hands-on technical training in a safe simulated environment.

The Flight Simulator for Linacs

VERT™ is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualisations, VERT™ offers an excellent platform for supplying radiotherapy training to students, clinical staff and the multidisciplinary team in a safe environment.

Your radiation treatment room, on wheels

Developed from the market leading VERT™ software, Compact VERT™ is self-contained, flexible and mobile. Perfect for when a dedicated room is not available for a fully installed VERT™ system.

A powerful new tool for Proton training

Simulate the functions of a proton treatment machine including 3D visualisation of patient treatment plans displayed in situ on the machine and simulated beam delivery. Proton VERT™ is a machine available when needed away from the busy clinical environment.

Innovative tools to bring physics tutorials to life

An effective and versatile package of simulated physics equipment and education content for teaching quality assurance principles and more complex procedures including end-to-end simulation of metrology protocols.

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