Radiotherapy treatment planning

Driven by speed and automation, our radiotherapy treatment planning solutions give you the necessary tools to personalise treatment for every patient.
Radiotherapy treatment planning systems are at the heart of radiotherapy and vital for improving patient outcomes. No two patients are the same and our range of software offers a variety of solutions for creating and administering individualised treatment plans that also save you time and reduce the risk of error.
Enhance treatment plans
Generate contours and automate treatment plans with machine learning using validated models born of data from leading global cancer centres. Efficiently track and adapt treatment delivery to ensure the treatment plan remains current throughout treatment.
Great plan quality in less time

Standardise and accelerate plan creation with templates and automate the entire planning process with protocols or scripting. Our treatment planning systems offer ultrafast optimisation, dose calculation and tools to efficiently plan for different machines so patient treatment can continue uninterrupted.

Improve planning workflows

Our user-friendly software solutions make it simple for radiation therapy teams to explore and optimise different techniques. Automate planning with protocols and scripting, compare multiple plans, and prepare for plan QA, replacing manual tasks and reducing the risk of error.

What’s new

Using deep neural network models generate contours in under 60 seconds and create personalised treatment plans in minutes.
Track anatomical changes throughout a course of treatment and compensate for these with dose tracking and adaptive re-planning.
Explore in real time the tradeoffs between target coverage and sparing of healthy structures to find the right balance for each patient.
Plan generation protocols, scripting, Automated Breast Planning, Fallback Planning and Plan Explorer are just some of the tools available to replace manual tasks and reduce the risk of error for a more efficient planning process.

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