Research and irradiation​

Reliable, precise and high-performance irradiation technology to support the needs of research and industry.
World-class research requires robust, reliable technology for accurate and repeatable results. Our research and irradiation solutions support modern translational research programs, including molecular biology and cancer research. We offer multiple imaging options for precise targeting (SmART) as well as safe, reliable and accurate X-ray irradiation.
Accuracy at every point

Our research solutions enable accuracy every step of the way. This includes cone-beam CT, microCT and a fully integrated bioluminescence imaging (BLI) module for improved definition, Monte Carlo algorithm for precise dose calculation, and Precision X-ray electromechanics for advanced targeting accuracy.

Adaptable to any industry
Our research and irradiation solutions are suitable for a multitude of applications including preclinical, pharmaceutical, scientific, agricultural and industrial. All options and accessories are designed to allow installation in almost any laboratory space and our wide range is sure to satisfy your specific requirements.
Safety without compromise
Our research and irradiation solutions put your safety first. They’re simpler, safer and more cost-effective than using a radioactive source. Our systems produce no intrinsic radiation when turned off and require no additional shielding. They comply with US and international regulations for cabinet X-ray systems.

What’s new

Thanks to the exciting capabilities of the SmART+ IB upgrade option, the user can introduce an external beamline (e.g. protons, proton FLASH, photon FLASH, etc.) into the SmART+ platform via a slidable window aperture. This allows for photon-ion IGRT studies in the small animal setting while maintaining an integrated imaging and treatment workflow without animal repositioning.
Considered the workhorse of the radiation research industry, the customisable X-Rad platform is the standard by which all other irradiator cabinets are measured. Excellent for high and low dose cell and small animal research, X-Rad systems are in routine use worldwide.

A dedicated cabinet x-ray irradiator designed for placement directly on the lab benchtop. The CellRad+ system allows you to irradiate cells without compromising sterility or security.

The small animal radiation therapy (SmART+) platform is a state-of-the-art focal irradiation system that mimics clinical radiotherapy and imaging and now features the option of an adaptable window for beamline integration.

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