About Precision X-Ray

As the largest dedicated biological cabinet x-ray company, Precision X-Ray provides reliable, repeatable, high dose rate x-ray irradiators for modern translational research. Working closely with leading institutions worldwide, Precision X-Ray have a complete range of preclinical systems.

Small Animal Radiation Therapy

Precision offers the largest and most powerful small animal IGRT unit on the market.
The Small Animal Radiation Therapy (SmART+) platform is a focal irradiation system that mimics clinical radiotherapy and imaging. Using Cone-Beam CT, µCT and a fully integrated Bioluminescence (BLI) imaging module, the SmART+ offers the ability to image, target, and irradiate cells, and small animals ranging from mice to rabbits with unprecedented accuracy.

The MultiRad range offers precise and accurate feedback cell and mice irradiation. A series of compact, fully integrated x-ray irradiators that are simpler, safer and more cost effective alternatives to radioisotope irradiators. The MultiRad range was designed to deliver plug and play systems with the highest dose and the most uniform beam profile, while requiring the least amount of physics support. Ideal for cells and small animals, as well as a broad range of industrial applications.

The X-Rad platform has the largest interior cabinet for the highest throughput and largest samples on the market.
The X-Rad Platform is the standard by which all other irradiator cabinets are measured. Widely used around the world due to its flexibility of application with a range of kV models and cabinet sizes, the OptiMax imaging module, and full line of options offering the ability to customize to your research requirements by adding options as your X-Ray research needs grow.

The SteriRad is an innovative antimicrobial X-Ray system designed to terminate pathogenic microbes on harvested cannabis buds and ground plants. The X-Ray based decontamination process is an effective approach to preventing unwanted microbial growth on harvested cannabis without degrading the inherent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

CellRad offers unbeatable precision and reliability on your benchtop. A dedicated cabinet x-ray cell irradiator, designed for placement directly on the lab benchtop within arm’s-length from the incubator, eliminates the need to transport cells to a core irradiation facility; allowing you to irradiate cells without compromising sterility or security. The CellRad is a smaller, simpler, safer, and more cost effective alternative to radioisotope or high-powered x-ray irradiators.

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